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Surface Scatter 7 sc High Range Turbidimeter with sc200 controller, Standard 2 Channel

Product #: 2977200


The Surface Scatter 7 sc High Range Turbidimeter with sc200 controller offers superior performance features. It measures a turbidity range from 0 to 9999 NTU. Includes calibration cylinder, 4000 NTU Formazin, installation accessories, and instruction manual.

Note: only one SS7 sc sensor can attach to one sc200 controller. If a second different sc sensor is required for this configuration, please contact Arachem for further details.

Virtually maintenance-free, optics never touch the sample

The Hach Surface Scatter 7 sc Turbidimeter (SS7) is uniquely designed so that the light source and photocell never come in contact with the sample. In fluids with high loads of suspended solids this makes sample cell cleaning and replacement unnecessary.

Durable-manufactured with corrosion/heat-resistant materials for extended life

All wetted parts of the Hach Surface Scatter 7 sc turbidimeter are made with corrosion-resistant materials for extended life. The photo-detector and light source assemblies are protected from the effects of corrosive vapors and heated samples.

Wide turbidity measurement range

Use the Surface Scatter 7 sc to establish and maintain optimum process control for reliable monitoring. Applications for this version include drinking water effluent, wastewater effluent, flocculation and sedimentation, industrial process water, and food processing waste containing fat, starch, or oil.

Wide turbidity measurement range from 0 to 9,999 NTU

The Surface Scatter 7sc turbidimeter can reliably measure turbidity from 0 to 9999 NTU in samples that vary from clear water to corrosive and high temperature paper mill and oil field samples.

Measuring Range:

0 to 9999 Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU)


0.1 NTU between 1000 to 9999.9 NTU


0.01 NTU up to 999.99 NTU

Response Time:

Initial response in 45 seconds

Sample Flow Rate:

Sample flow required 1.0 to 2.0 L/min (15 to 30 gal/hr)

Dimensions Metric (H x W X D):

642 mm x 675 mm x 190 mm

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