• Genetically Modified Organisms

    • GM technology adoption in agriculture expanded rapidly in the past decades. Genetically modified crops are now cultivated at about 10% of the global arable land surface, and in some regions like the US the GMO rate is above 90% for soybeans and corn.
    • New GMOs are regularly being approved and commercially planted, and the genetic constructs of these new GMOs vary significantly from those of the known GMOs, which can have a substantial impact on complex analysis strategies.
    • Eurofins GeneScan Technologies real-time PCR GMO kits
    • Eurofins GeneScan Technologies is recognised worldwide for its expertise and leading performance in the field of bio-molecular testing for GMOs. Our PCR methods for GMO screening, identification and quantification have been adapted to the volatile and current market situation and are verified daily.
    • Key benefits
      - Broadest portfolio of GMO testing kits worldwide.
      - Excellent overview of the global GMO approval and cultivation situation.
      - Regular adaptation of the detection kits portfolio to market demands.