IDEXX Vetlab Analyzers

SNAP Pro Analyzer

  • Connecting multiple analyzers to the IDEXX VetLab Station helps you attain a comprehensive picture of your patient’s health, with the ability to view test results from multiple analyzers on a single report, determine disease progression with parameter-trending capabilities, and more.


With ProRead software, your SNAP tests take care of themselves :

  • The SNAP Pro Analyzer automatically activates, times, and interprets your SNAP test results for you.
  • The SNAP Pro Analyzer is quick, accurate health assessments and better staff efficiency as it helps to view interpreted results at a glance.
  • The SNAP Pro Analyzer reduce the missing charges and automatically include the patient’s medical records.

The SNAP Pro* Analyzer helps you to increase efficiency and improve work flow:

  • Automatically activate SNAP* tests and display results to streamline your work flow.
  • Send SNAP test results to the patient record.
  • Electronically capture SNAP test invoice charges to reduce lost revenue and improve profits.
  • Display results and add them to the patient record instantly for customized, client-friendly reports with IDEXX VetConnect* PLUS.