SWECO Aftermarket Screen

Self Cleaning Screens

SWECO Sandwich Screens are comprised of a working mesh on top of the tension ring, and a coarser mesh (support screen) is attached to the bottom of the ring with sliders and balls placed in-between creating a sandwich screen. The sliders and balls will bounce off of the support screen and tap the top screen, dislodging near size particles or fibers that tend to blind the screen and reduce screening area.

Sandwich screens can be provided with all grades of stainless, nylon and polyester meshes. SWECO also manufactures a premier lightweight sandwich screens that feature synthetic meshes for your working screen and support screen. The characteristics of synthetic meshes aid in the deblinding process compared to stainless steel mesh. All sandwich screens, including the synthetic meshes can be equipped with our Magnum technology. Sizes range from 18" - 72" diameter screens.