Rectangular Separation Equipments

Round Motion Rectangular Separator

SWECO Round Motion Rectangular Separator

The SWECO Round Motion (RM) Rectangular Shaker's highly-efficient round motion conveying action is created by a two-bearing vibratory system, designed to run at 1000-2200 RPM, producing up to 3-½ Gs acceleration. Its effectiveness is maximized when inclined for dry screening or for horizontal wet scalping of slurries with a low percentage of oversized products. Good classification is also consistently achieved as the RM "tumbles and rolls" dry solids.

Paper Coating CIP Rectangular Shaker
Round Motion Paper Coating Rectangular Shaker Separator ScreenerThe SWECO Paper Coating Rectangular Shaker can filter "slurried coating ingredients", "blended virgin coatings", and "return coatings" containing fiber contaminants. With the ability to remove grit and fiber, the SWECO Paper Coating Separator reduces the chances of scratches and other defects in your coated papers. SWECO offers three sound options for a separation process in the Pulp & Paper Industry - the RM-CIP, UM-CIP and V3-CIP Rectangular Separators.

The RM-CIP utilizes a high-speed circular motion ideal for high throughput screening. Additionally the circular motion places less stress on the screen cloth, which yields longer life for your screens.