Water Microbiology

Quanti-Tray System

  • No media preparation.
  • No pipetting.
  • No dilutions (for counts up to 200 with Quanti-Tray; 2,419 with Quanti-Tray/2000; and up to 2,272 wit Quanti-Tray Legiolert).


  • Less than 1 minute of hands-on time.
  • Results in 24 hours or less (7 days for Legiolert).
  • No confirmations necessary.


  • Detects down to one organism per 100 ml.
  • 95% confidence limits better than 5- or 10-tube Most Probable Number (MPN).
  • 95% confidence limits better than or comparable to membrane filtration (MF).

Cost Effective

  • Minimal equipment to purchase and maintain.
  • No glassware to purchase and clean.
  • Minimal bench space needed.