Non-Gravity Mixer

The two axes of mixing interior rotates to different sides and paddles attached to the axes forms fluidized area by diffusing mixed materials to different directions according to stable apex speed.

At this time, the movement of materials is concentrated on the higher center part from the bottom of mixer, and therefore, the effective volume of mixing room increases, and as the effective volume increases, the collision and rubbing between materials decrease.

Below are the characteristics of Non-gravity mixer:

  • The fluidized Zone Mixing

It proceeds rapid mixing in a Non-gravity condition regardless of diameter of materials, specific gravity, and shape

  • Homogeneous Mixing

By diffusing and moving materials in actiniform by the dynamic structure of paddle, it mixes small adding agent even in mass ratio of 1:100,000

  • Gentle Mixing

As the speed of rotation axis is slow, the impact or shearing force on material is not caused. So it can proceed mixing without damaged materials.

  • Short Mixing Time

In case of powder mixing, the time that takes to mix is so short, and it takes less than 1 minute and only in a few seconds

  • Economical Mixing

As it proceeds mixing in a short time, it reduces operation cost and maximize productivity at the same time, and also mass production with small-scale equipment. Therefore, initial installation charge and driving cost are low.

Advantage of non-gravity mixer is short mixing period.