X-Ray Fluorescence XRF Technology

MWDXRF - Monochromatic Wavelength Dispersive XRF 

1.  ASTM D4929, ASTM D7536

2.  Single Chloride Analyzer (as low as 0.07 ppm, Cl)

     Single Phosphorus Analyzer (as low as 0.4 ppm, PO4)

3. Double Curved Crystal Optics - Lower Detection Limit

    CLORA 2XP       PHOEBE        SINDIE

HDXRF - High Definition XRF

1.  ASTM 4294, EPA 6200, ASTM D8064

2. Multi Elemental Analyzer (12 Elements)

3. Portable on-the-go available


HDXRF - High Definition XRF

Trace multi-element analysis has never been so convenient. HD Mobile is designed for various work environments - the manufacturing floor, shipping dock, warehouse, or retail shelf. This analyzer offers a portable handheld analyzer for users to easily switch from stationary to handheld analysis. HD Mobile delivers precise screening for lead well below the regulatory limits defined in CPSIA for both coatings and substrates.
Methods:   ASTM F2853, F2617, F963-16, F2923 and F2999    
Analyzer Weight:   3.6 Ibs (1.6 kg)  
Interface Module Weight (with battery):      1.75 Ibs (0.8 kg)      
Analyzer Dimensions:   12.3 in (w) x 3.7 in (d) x 8.6 in (h)
Interface Module Dimensions:   3.1 in (w) x 6.6 in (h)
X-Ray Tube voltage, current:   25-50 kV, 200 μA
Detector:   25 mm SDD
System Electronics:   512 MB Dual Core Processor 
Display:   4.3" WVGA (800RGBx480) TFT with touch screen, 16.7M       colors, 217dpi         
Analysis Area:   1 mm
Elemental Range:   10 elements displayed in icons on results screen, up to          maximum of 40 on secondary screen
Test Results:

  Concentration in substrate ppm (wt). Color coded                 pass/fail indicators (user adjustable)

  Concentration in coating ppm (wt). And ug/cm2 Color           coded pass/fail indicators (user adjustable)

  Spectrum analysis capability

Data Entry:   Touch screen keyboard with icons
Data Storage:   Up to 10,000 readings including camera images
Data Transfer:   SDHC Card
Security:   Password-protected user security
Integrated CCD Camera for aligning analysis area and storing images:   High resolution image focused at measurement spot              with 25 degree wide angle view
Battery:   Li-ion, ~ 8hr run time normal operation (2 included)
Licensing / Registration:   Varies by region, contact your local distributor
Compliance:   CE


Test Stand/Transport Case

Benchtop Test Stand:



  21.8 in (w) x 16.7 in (d) x 10.6 in (h)

Sample Chamber:   9.5 in (w) x 10 in (d) x 34 in (h)
Portable Transporter Case - Modified Pelican 1610 with handle and wheels:   25.5 in (w) x 19 in (d) x 11.5 in (h)
Sample Chamber:   9 in (w) x 16 in (d) x 9.5 in (h)
Power Requirements:   90-264 VAC, 47 ~ 63 Hz, 3A @ 115V
Charging Station:   Rapid battery charger
Standard Accesories:   Operator manual, check samples and standards
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