X-Ray Fluorescence XRF Technology

MWDXRF - Monochromatic Wavelength Dispersive XRF 

1.  ASTM D4929, ASTM D7536

2.  Single Chloride Analyzer (as low as 0.07 ppm, Cl)

     Single Phosphorus Analyzer (as low as 0.4 ppm, PO4)

3. Double Curved Crystal Optics - Lower Detection Limit

    CLORA 2XP       PHOEBE        SINDIE

HDXRF - High Definition XRF

1.  ASTM 4294, EPA 6200, ASTM D8064

2. Multi Elemental Analyzer (12 Elements)

3. Portable on-the-go available



HDXRF - High Definition XRF

Analysis for Lead and Other Toxic Elements in Consumer Products


HD Prime complies with ASTM F2853, F963 and F2617 methods, and delivers exceptional analysis of lead and other toxic elements in toys and children's products. Powered by HDXRF, HD Prime can measure the concentration of elements in a product's paint and base material separately. This analytical technique was developed specifically to meet the CPSIA's current and future regulatory limits, is non-destructive to the product, and does not require costly and time-consuming sample preparation - reducing waste and preserving the audit trail. HDXRF technology supports industry and government agencies responsible for ensuring product safety.


      Easy to use

      Ease of use enables testing in factory and laboratory environments with minimal training


      Precise and Efficient

      The concentration of the toxic elements in the paint and the base materials are both reported separately


      Multi-Element Analysis

      Multi-element detection in toys and children's products for compliance with regulatory requirementsof the CPSIA; Pb, Sb, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Se, Br, and Cl


      For use in multiple application areas

      For use in factory production and lab environments, third-party test labs, retail and regulatory applications


      Hassle-free sample prep

      Eliminates time-consuming paint removal and digestion steps, is nondestructive to the product, and won't degrade the audit trail

Calibration curves:   Fundamental Parameters    
Catalysts:   No
Concentration:     In ppm: >100-450  
Consumable/Utility Gas:     None
Dimensions: Depth   26.0 in / 66.0 cm
Dimensions: Height   32.0 in / 81.2 cm
Dimensions: Width:   36.0 in / 91.4 cm
Measurement Time:   120-660 s
Method Name:   ASTM F963, F2853 and F2617   

  Plastic Matrix (see brochure for full list of elements and LOD)  
  Al / 1.5 ppm
  Cl / 40.0 ppm
  Cr / 1.0 ppm
  Mn / 1.0 ppm
  Co / 1.0 ppm
  Ni / 1.0 ppm
  Cu / 1.0 ppm
  Zn / 1.0 ppm
  As / 1.0 ppm
  Se / 1.0 ppm
  Br / 0.3 ppm
  Sr / 1.0 ppm
  Cd / 2.0 ppm
  Sn / 5.0 ppm 
  Sb / 6.0 ppm  
  Ba / 5.0 ppm
  Ta / 1.0 ppm
  W / 0.5 ppm
  Au / 0.5 ppm 
  Hg / 1.0 ppm  
  Pb / 1.0 ppm

Repeatability:   Paint layer on plastic or metal    
  ppm - >100-450
  r - 1.1272 · X0.7282
Reproducibility:   Paint layer on plastic or metal    
  ppm - >100-450
  0.5536 · X0.9217
Sample Matrix:   Plastic / PVC, Metal, Wood, Glass, Textiles  
Specific Technology:   HDXRF
Type:   Benchtop
Weight:   240 Ibs / 110 kg
XRF Film Type:   NA (Prolene support for thin films)
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