Vacuum conveyors for powder & bulk

Ergonomic Handling Solution

Vaculex® TP


  • Extremely versatile and handles a great variety of goods in size, shape and weight
  • It grips the goods from any side, requires minimal training to operate and you can easily rotate either the lift or the goods 360° to place it where required
  • Standard max weight is 40 kg which can be increased to 65 kg
  • The Vaculex® TP family includes TPH, TP Scale, TP BaggageLift and TP Combi

- Air cargo handling - moving air cargo between pallets and/or containers

- Barrel handling

- Door handling

- Handling baggage selected for screening in checked baggage reconciliation areas

- Handling of various multiple objects

- Loading and unloading loose loaded containers and trailers

- Moving baggage between open carts and the airplane/cruise ship via a conveyor belt

- Moving, loading and unloading baggage between chutes, open carts and conveyors

- Order picking and order fulfilment

- Palletizing and depalletizing

- Sack handling for feed stations and all type of industries

- Sorting parcels between cages, pallets and conveyors

- Unloading or loading baggage from/to AKEs or open carts - arrival and departure

- White  goods becomes weightless woth Piab's Vaculex®​ lifting solutions

- Window and glass handling

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