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Arachem's Technical Support
Reputed For Unmatched Excellence & Value Added Expertise!


Enjoy the major difference the whole industry is looking up to!

Our leadership position was built by delivering results, all the way! We channel our decades of expertise and experience into a level of Technical Support and Follow-up Services that keep getting better and better. That's an edge that has become the major difference and trademark of Arachem's Technical Support Team.

Comprehensive, Competitive, Technical Superiority!

We are driven to safeguard our reputation for being the industry's leading Marketer & Solutions Provider in all aspects dealing with water and water related industries, scientific and engineering systems, equipment and installations, as well as technical expertise in fulfilling your Environmental, Bio-Technology & Engineering needs.

You'll see it in the comprehensive, efficient technical advice and support services, speedy response and how we develop solutions for clients through our expert consultation, wiser options, cost-effective solutions, superior step by step guidance on the nitty-gritty technical aspects, so that clients get the best cost-savings, performance, productivity and profits from every product and service provided by our Technical Support Team.

Commissioned to Support Every Arachem Division!
Each of Arachem's 3 Areas of Specialty, namely our Environmental, Engineering and Bio-Technology Divisions, are supported by our Technical Support Team. After every sale, our After Sales Service Team will provide all the necessary services to ensure all the relevant staff of our Clients know how to use the products and get the best from the services provided.

The Technical Support Team however goes a step further in the following ways:

  1. We test, service and commission products to meet clients' requirements
  2. We provide Refresher Training, Technical Information, Verification Exercises, Solve Technical Issues, help Clients Overcome Technical Challenges and Setbacks, etc
  3. Maintain solid rapport with all suppliers, vendors & contractors and coordinate technical support between all parties concerned
  4. Constantly upgrade In-House Technical Team's Skills, Knowhow and Expertise via Local and Foreign Training Courses, to stay abreast with local and global developments and needs
  5. Constantly upgrade existing Presentation Aids, Training Tools, Manuals, Blue Books, Technical Info, Techsupport Documents, Demo Units etc.
  6. Support Other Divisions, by providing Feedback and Service Reports on Clients ever changing needs and develop solutions individually and collectively
  7. Look into problems related to warranty claims, any form of setbacks be it missing, malfunctioning or broken products or parts (caused by transportation related or technical shortcomings) and immediately responding with relevant replacement items etc.
  8. Respond to enquiries, wherever necessary and possible via email, fax, phone etc
  9. Develop on-going solutions and recommendations to ensure we stay ahead of our Clients' needs
  10. Assist Arachem's Analytical, Process & Service Departments with our Technical Expertise wherever necessary

Constant Upgrade, Value Added Extras & More...
Our Technical Support Team has firmly established a reputation in the industry for being competent, comprehensive and competitive. To stay ahead, we send our Technical Experts for Overseas Training to keep track of the latest developments and upgrade their technology. That helps our clients also get the very best possible in the industry from us!

You'll see the difference in the broad spectrum of our Clients, comprising leading names in the Public and Private Sector. They all know that when it comes to Technical Support, Services and Expertise, everything they need can be obtained from just one trustworthy source – Arachem!

We definitely can do the same for you too!