Microgen Pulsifier II


Pulsifier II® - The revolution continues by Microgen

A technology that surpasses the paddle-type instruments for processing of food samples where it drives the microbes into suspension directly via shock waves and intense stirring yet reducing chances of bag burst. Pulsification allows easy pipetting of samples with higher yield in just 15 seconds and it is included in ISO:7218:2007(E). 

  • Gentle action reduces bag burst
  • Less suspended food debris therefore easier pipetting
  • Cleaner sample makes plate reading easier and more accurate
  • Efficient process – microbe recovery is equivalent to or better than alternative methods
  • Faster sample preparation time of 15 seconds for most foods
  • Faster filtration as a result of cleaner sample
  • Increases laboratory efficiency
  • Reduced disruption of food matrix minimises inhibition / interference with PCR, flow cytometry techniques
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