Sanitation & Disinfection

TwinOxide 0.3%


TwinOxide generates chlorine dioxide solution that is applied as a water disinfectant in the form of powder or tablet kit without producing hazardous by-products and effectively kills all microorganisms by its great oxidizing capacity. The solid Twin Oxide kit has long shelf life and it is easy to store. It is the also the perfect solution to remove biofilm, does not cause a load on the environment and it reduces the usage of chlorine and other traditional water disinfectants which provides a safer and healthier drinking water. 

  • Easy, simple and safe to produce and dose a stable chlorine dioxide solution without the need of a generator.
  • Eco-friendly and no production of cancergenic or undesirable disinfection by-products.
  • High disinfection efficiency.
  • The solid TwinOxide products are easy, safe and cost effective to ship and to store and have a guaranteed shelf life of 5 years.
  • No corrosion effects at use concentrations.
  • No strange taste occurrences – improved taste and improved color of water.
  • Low residual disinfectant concentrations.
  • Stronger, faster and efficacious microbiological destruction within a wide range of pH-value (pH 4-10).
  • No investment cost in production equipment.
  • No educated & trained employees and high maintenance costs required
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