Water Quality System (WQS)
Field & Laboratory Meters
  • pH, SCT, DO & BOD, Multi-parameter Testing
Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)
Multi-parameter Water Quality Sondes
  • Sampling, Logging& Profiling

Integrated Systems & Services (ISS)
Environmental Monitoring Modules
  • Buoy & Floating Platforms, Profiling Systems, EcoMapper AUV

WQS_Aquaculture Monitors

5400/5500D MultiDO Monitors


Our continuous multi-channel dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring and control instruments are designed specifically for aquaculture systems. Easily manage a full-scale farming operation with expandable capabilities.

YSI 5400

The 5400 continuous monitor for dissolved oxygen (DO) with a galvanic sensor — along with AquaManager® software — integrates process control, feeding, alarming, and data management into one product. 

YSI 5500D

The 5500D Optical DO (ODO) monitoring & control instrument continuously monitors your farming operation’s water quality for DO using optical-based ODO technology. Choose 1, 2, or 4 DO channels. Lower maintenance and recalibration requirements with ODO measurement technology.

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