Quality Assurance- Microbiology

Environment Monitoring


1) Liofilchem Portable Air Samplers

a) Portable Air Sampler "55"

Instrument for microbiological monitoring of environment with 55 mm Contact Plates

b) Portable Air Sampler "90"

Instrument for microbiological monitoring of environment with 90 mm Petri Dishes


2) R-biopharm RIDA®COUNT

RIDA®COUNT - the test sheet that counts for you

Our patented solution for hygiene monitoring and food control.
To meet the increasing demands in routine microbiological analysis,R-Biopharm offers an interesting answer – the RIDA®COUNT test sheets. These sheets have the following benefi ts: easy handling, long shelf life, and minimum space requirement for storage and incubation.

A unique patented fi bre layer provides for all types of applications in food

Fast and safe contact tests / swab tests for checking surfaces, automated air samples and the direct incubation of membrane fi lters, facilitate routine analysis. RIDA®COUNT absorbs liquids applied such as water and beverages
as well as all common diluting media for food samples. A covering fi lm prevents any leakage of sample solution.

RIDA®COUNT provides a combination of hygiene monitoring and microbiological product checks in a simple, safe and economic way.

RIDA®COUNT Total (Art.No. R1001)
For the detection of mesophilic aerobic total count
(AOAC-RI approved, Certifi cate-No.: 011001)

RIDA®COUNT Coliform (Art.No. R1002)
For the detection of coliforms
(AOAC-RI approved, Certifi cate-No.: 100402)

RIDA®COUNT Salmonella (Art.No. R1004)
For the detection of Salmonella spp.

RIDA®COUNT Staph. aureus (Art.No. R1005)
For the detection of Staphylococcus aureus

RIDA®COUNT E. coli (Art.No. R1006)
For the detection of Escherichia coli

RIDA®COUNT E. coli / Coliform (Art.No. R1007)
For the detection of Escherichia coli and coliforms

RIDA®COUNT Yeast & Mold Rapid (Art.No. R1008)
For the rapid detection of yeasts & molds in 48 h

RIDA®COUNT Enterobacteriaceae (Art.No. R1009)
For the detection of Enterobacteriaceae

RIDA®COUNT Salmonella / Enterobacteriaceae (Art.No. R1010)
For the detection of Salmonella spp. and Enterobacteriaceae



IDEXX Colilert

USEPA approved method for detecting bacteria in water

An Easy 24 hour test for coliform and E.coli
Colilert has become the number one method in countries around the world because:

  • Colilert takes less than one minute hands-on time per sample
  • Colilert is approved internationally for compliance testing
  • Colilert has been shown to be 20-50% less expensive than traditional methods.

Colilert Benefits


  • US EPA-approved, 24-hour test for drinking and source waters.
  • International approvals include US EPA, Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater, AOAC, IBWA, and EBWA.
  • Millions of tests are run worldwide every year.
  • Ease of use simplifies training.
  • Unit-dosed packaging eliminates media preparation.
  • No repeat testing due to clogged filters or heterotrophic interference.
  • Quality Control (QC) procedure can be done in 15 minutes.
  • Under one minute hands-on time.
  • Detects coliforms and E. coli simultaneously in 24 hours or less.
  • No confirmations needed.
  • No glassware cleaning or colony counting.
  • Identifies E. coli specifically, which eliminates unneeded public notification due to Klebsiella pneumoniae.
  • Suppresses up to 2 million heterotrophs per 100 ml.
  • Eliminates the subjective interpretation found in traditional methods.
  • Detects a single viable coliform or E. coli per sample.
  • 20 to 50% less expensive than traditional methods. (According to AWWARF Research Application #4).
  • 95% lower equipment costs.
  • Minimizes evening and weekend work.
  • Up to 12-month shelf life at room temperature


Presence/ Absence
Add reagent to sample and incubate 24 hours at 35°C

Read results. Colerless = negative
Yellow = total coliforms
Yellow/fluorescent = E.Coli

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