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We Get Even Better After The Sale!

Arachem has already firmly established itself as the industry's leading Marketer & Solutions Provider in all aspects dealing with water and water related industries, scientific and engineering systems, equipment and installations, as well as technical expertise in Environmental, Bio-Technology & Engineering.

To maintain our leadership position, we keep getting better by consistently raising industry standards and in-house capabilities and resources. You'll see it in our Policy of Absolute Reliability by delivering the unmatched efficiency in our After Sales Standby Service and Support that keeps us ahead as the preferred choice. Thanks to our dedicated and experienced team of technical experts who are known for their personalized professionalism and speedy response, many of our clients will testify that we have helped reduce downtime and overcome numerous costly setbacks and challenges by responding speedily, whenever it mattered most!

Making That Major Difference, Where It Matters Most!
Despite being ISO 9001:2015 certified, we make sure we constantly upgrade ourselves. Hence, our Clients enjoy the most efficient and cost effective after sales service and follow-up support as well as value-added benefits with a clear edge in quality, cost and performance

After studying market trends as well as clients' major problems and setbacks, we make sure that every sale is definitely backed up with:

  1. Comprehensive Product Usage Briefing
  2. Hands-On Thorough Technical Training of our Client's Relevant Staff
  3. On-going Advice on technical aspects and techniques
  4. Commissioning of Online Analyzers
  5. In-House & Field Calibrations
  6. Troubleshooting & Repairing
  7. Annual Service Contracts
  8. Regular Follow-up Maintenance Services
  9. Additional Periodic Expert Inputs
  10. Other On-demand Services

All these are aimed at ensuring that all our Clients keep their products and equipment in prime condition as well as get optimum performance, longer and higher productivity while cutting down costs, reducing wear and tear as well as avoiding unnecessary breakdowns, downtime or any other avoidable faults and repairs.

Needless to say, all our products and equipment conform to the highest standards set by the National Regulatory Bodies and Leading Private Standards Monitoring Authorities.

Widely Networked For Even Greater Service Advantages
The Arachem Group of Companies is also well networked within its subsidiaries to meet all needs of clients nationwide! In the event that any major challenge may require even faster or additional assistance, we are also networked with the industry's other leading affiliates to back us up if and when needed. Our clients enjoy that peace of mind knowing when they deal with Arachem, everything is taken care of; before, during and very especially after the sale!

Just one call does it all! Contact our Service Coordinator at 603- 6263 9032 to request for our services, order consumables or replacement parts, and etc. Or you can also email your needs to

We look forward to making that major difference for you too!