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LDO Model 2, Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe, Mounting Conversion Adapter & sc200 Controller with 2 Channels

Product #: 9020000-SC200


Kit including the LDO Model 2 Probe, Mounting Conversion Adapter, and sc200 Controller with 2 Channels.

For a supremely accurate DO measurements that does not require calibration and is membrane free, turn to an innovator in DO technology, and Hach’s next generation LDO Probe.

No Calibration Required

The Hach LDO probe is ready to work in your process right out of the box with no calibration required for the entire 2-year life of the sensor cap.

No Membranes to Replace

There is virtually no maintenance with Hach's breakthrough luminescent technology: there are no membranes to replace, no electrolyte solution to replenish, and no anode or cathode to clean.

No Missed Cleaning Cycles

Customizable service indicators trigger a service message so that a cleaning cycle is never missed.

No Drift

A cutting-edge, 3D calibration procedure at the factory makes oxygen measurement with the Hach LDO probe more accurate than ever before.

No Complications

A robust new design gives the Hach LDO enhanced durability and reduced size for easier handling.


0 to 20.00 ppm

0 to 20.00 mg/L (or ppm)

0 to 200 % air saturation


± 0.05 ppm below 1 ppm

± 0.1 ppm below 5 ppm

± 0.2 ppm above 5 ppm

Response Time:

T95 < 60 s

T90 < 40 s


0.01 ppm DO


± 0.1 (mg/L) ppm

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