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ULTRATURB sc 10M Cable, Low Range Process Turbidimeter With Auto Clean

Product #: LPV415.52.30002


Turbidities in the range of FNU (NTU) 0.0001-1,000 are measured and displayed alphanumerically using a controller. This high resolution facilitates precision differentiation, even for ultra clear liquids. A pulsed, long-life IR radiation source (LED) ensures that costs are minimized. Designed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7027 and permanently calibrated before leaving the factory. All key data is set to practical standard values. The instruments are immediately ready for use after connection to the power supply and the supply of sample water. The measuring range and all data outputs are modified to suit requirements using menus on the controller. All optical and electronic assemblies are installed in housings that are physically very strong and proof against water jets. The measuring chamber also has automatic wiper cleaning.

Wide measuring range-0 to 1,000 NTU

The Hach ULTRATURB plus sc Sensor measures turbidity from 0 to 1000 FNU (NTU) for a wide variety of low to medium range turbidity applications. Use it to effectively monitor conventional filtered water processes, effluent water, distribution systems, and elevated tanks where small-sized particulates or air entrapment may be an issue.

Self-cleaning Sample Chamber Option

The ULTRATURB sensor is available with an automatically self-cleaning sample chamber that guarantees stable measured values. The silicon wiper blades inside the sample chamber are held in place with a magnetic coupling wheel to further keep the sample chamber intact.

Stable/long lasting light source with IR ratio technology

The stable pulsed infrared (IR) light source of the ULTRATURB sensor reduces maintenance requirements. IR light also compensates for sample color for accurate readings.

Ratio Methodology Detects Sample Chamber Fouling

The ULTRATURB sensor uses ratio methodology with detection at 90° and 180° to minimize reflections in the measuring cell and on the windows. In this way, fouling of the sample chamber is detected earlier than with a single detection system.

Compatible with Hach Multi-Sensor, Multi-Parameter Digital Controller

The ULTRATURB sensor can be used with Hach's sc100 and sc1000 Digital Controllers. The sc100 controller accepts up to two sensors. The sc1000 accepts up to eight sensors. Multiple controllers can be networked to accommodate many more sensors and parameters, reducing the cost per measuring point. Just plug in any Hach plug and play digital sensor and its ready to use without software configuration. Plug and play connectivity means there's no complicated wiring or set up. Network the ULTRATURB plus sensor with any of Hach's digital sensors for measuring dissolved oxygen, ORP, conductivity, and many other parameters.


0.0001 to 1000 NTU (TE/F, NTU, FNU) can be programmed as required (0.001-250 EBC = 2500 ppm SiO2) (Note: 1 FNU is equivalent to 1 NTU)


±0.003 FNU or ±0.5% of reading (0 to 2 FNU)


1.000 to 9.999 FNU

Response Time:

1 to 60 s seconds (programmable)

Sample Flow Rate:

0.2 L/min to 1 L/min

Sample Pressure:

Max 6 bar at 20ºC (87 psi, 68ºF)


StablCal or dry standard CVM module


860 nm infrared light

Dimensions Metric (H x W X D):

250 mm x 240 mm x 110 mm


Approx. 3.31 lbs. (1.5 kg)

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