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SWECO Aftermarket Parts

Guaranteed repairs
We warranty our repair work for six full months, with an optional 12-month extended warranty.

Free Inspection
We'll inspect your motion generator, tell you what's wrong and provide a firm repair quote. Then you choose whether you want it repaired or replaced with a rebuilt or new model.

Quick Response
Our fast service minimizes downtime.

Free Breakdown Analysis
We include analysis of why your motion generator failed and tell you how to avoid future failures.

Latest Field-Tested Improvements
We bring your motion generator up to current specs and recommend accessories or modifications to increase service life.

ASAP Authorized Parts
We use only Authentic SWECO Aftermarket Parts for trouble-free performance.

Free Installation Advice
The latest Operations, Maintenance and Specifications manual and an instruction sheet are included to ensure proper reinstallation.

The Industry's Only Guaranteed OEM Rebuilds
Satisfaction is assured when your SWECO motion generator is remanufactured by the originators. SWECO quality rebuilts are warranted for 6 months, 12-month extended warranty optional.

Clean, Modern Repair Facilities
Repairs are made by factory-trained technicians in clean, state-of-the-art facilities -- ensuring that your motion generator is repaired to optimum performance.

Modifications For Severe Or Unusual Environments
When analysis indicates failure was caused by unusual conditions, we offer optional modifications to extend the operating life of your repaired motion generator. Optional modifications include:

 Chemical duty/wash down package
 "Liquid seal" contamination excluders
 Automatic, continuous lubrication system
 Severe moisture modifications
 Extra heavy duty bearings for maximum loading conditions
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