Lab Set Up

Setting up a lab requires a wide range of skills. The specification of ventilation, arrangement of space and furniture set up are very much depends on the testing requirements.  In food and pharma industry, we work alongside with clients to define goals and requirements, tailor made base on the testing method rapid/conventional and budget.

We provide Lab Set Up and Solution for

A. Microbiological Testing Lab

Quality Indicator Lab Set Up:

  • Minimum set up requirement, testing for Total Plate Count, Coliform/E.coli, Yeast & Mold.
    Pathogen Testing Lab Set Up:
  • Rapid testing method with minimum lab practice requirement.
  • Automation with ELISA & Real time PCR lower human error, increase lab efficiency.

Bacteria Identification:

  • Confirmation with Biochemical test, skip the hassle of preparing own sets of biochemical testing.
  • Automation system, come with audit trail and high specification.

B. Chemical Testing Lab

Food Safety & Quality Testing:
Screening of Mycotoxin, antibiotic, hormone, allergen, halal and GMO testing is able to be conducted by simple lab set up such as lateral flow test strip method and ELISA.

Confirmation with standard method such as HPLC or Real Time PCR set up.

C. Water & Waste Water Testing
For food industry, the main requirements for water and wastewater testing are pH, DO, COD and BOD testing. Contact us for further detail.