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ATP, pH, Temperature, Conductivity, Concentration/PPM

Multi-Variable Platform

Portable, handheld MVP Instrument

Sampling Devices:
MVP Surface Sampling Device
MVP Liquid Sampling Device
MVP pH/Temperature Probe
MVP Temperature Probe
MVP Conductivity Probe

User calibration of all measurement parameters ensures GMP and HACCP compliance

Data Reporting:
Download to PC for analysis and record keeping with MVP TRAX. Receive customized trend analysis of single or multiple plant sights through the MVP LIP program.


One instrument, multiple tests, one report
The LIGHTNING MVP instrument is multi-functional. Use with a range of MVP sampling devices and detachable probes. Measures multiple quality indicators such as ATP, pH, temperature, conductivity, and concentration/PPM.

State of the art technology
Reduces the need to have many different instruments in the plant. Minimizes initial capital expense and on-going maintenance cost.

Streamline the collection, analysis and reporting of data
Eliminates the need to manually record and transfer data from different paper sources. Increase in accuracy and productivity.

Manage and integrate test data
Proprietary MVP software can analyze data from different indicators as an interrelated set. Can be used to demonstrate cause and effect relationships that previously have been difficult to identify.

Total quality system unmatched by competition
Companion products such as MVP Calibration set and Positive control offers ability to self-check calibration of the instrument and verify operator proficiency. Satisfies GMP requirement for system verification.

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