Lateral Flow

Lateral Flow

PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kits are designed for fast screening of pork in raw meat, processed meat/canned food, fat/oil, gelatin, blood and blood derivatives as well as surface swab, prior sending samples to the laboratory for confirmation tests.

Key Features:

  • Rapid screening to detect presence of pork on-the-spot.
  • Quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective without expensive tools.
  • Able to test on wide variety of food matrices from raw meat to highly processed food samples.
  • Highly specific and sensitive.
  • Does not cross react with non-pork food samples.
  • Able to detect heat-resistant protein (up to 132oC).

Product Code

Product Name

Packing Size


  PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit -Raw Meat

20 tests/ kit


  PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit -Processed meat/ Canned food

20 tests/ kit


  PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit -Fat/ Oil

20 tests/ kit


  PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit -Gelatin

20 tests/ kit


  PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit-Surface Swab

20 tests/ kit