Fabric Swab

  • 28 x 35 cm blue biocide-free fabric swab (swab cloth)
  • Pre-moistened with 10 ml buffer
  • In 55 oz.; 7.5 x 12" (19 x 30 cm) Twirl-Tie™ bag
  • Bags can be opened easily with attached pull-tabs
  • Label area for sample identification
  • Irradiated for proven sterility

Open the bag and remove fabric swab with gloved hand.

Collect sample by vigorously rubbing sponge on targeted area (e.g. 30 x 30 cm, 1 x 1 ft.).

Put the swab into the sterile Twirl-Tie™ bag and label bag with sample details. Always switch gloves between sampling sites.

Close the Twirl-Tie™ bag with the wires attached.
Package Size Description Item No.
200 Fabric Swab pre-moistened with MRD 10004589
200 Fabric swab pre-moistened with Neutralizing buffer (NB) 10006188
200 Fabric Swab Dry 10006534


*other buffers available on request depending on quantities