Big-Bag Systems

Polymix big-bag systems are designed both for reusable and disposable big-bags. Combined with Polymix Multiscrew Feeders, a complete system for big-bag handling and accurate feeding of powder is offered, with control over arch building. Alternative equipment for lifting and supporting the big-bag can be incorporated.
  • Polymix can manufacture complete units for big-bag emptying and feeding of chemical powders.
  • Polymix Multiscrew feeders with an accessories that ensure high accuracy of feeding.
  • Parabolic Cyclone Wetting Chamber that efficiently pre-mixes chemical powder; no fish eye even for every hard to wet high molecular weight polymer.
  • The equipment can be suitable for free flowing or arch foaming materials.
  • Flexible programming system that can be easily customized to suit individual customer requirements.
  • The systems can be turnkey delivered nd tested from our workshop.
  • High quality assurance.