Food and Pharmaceutical Microbiology Training Course

Our microbiology and biochemical training courses can be tailored to ensure you are fully versed in up-to-date methods and best practice practical hands-on.


As bacteria are an ever-evolving threat in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, microbiology training courses are essential to ensure that personnel are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to fully understand and address the related challenges.

Today’s highly regulated industrial products and processes require high proficiency in handling microbiological techniques. Problems arise when new microbes spring up surprises every now and then in human and animal health, industrial and other situations.

We are happy to share our expertise and experience with you by providing training in Food Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Cosmetics Microbiology and Water Microbiology. Training is offered to build new skills and competence so that the candidates acquire confidence in taking responsibilities as Microbiologists in all sectors.

With the aim of maximizing your time and resources while ensuring the content is relevant to your requirements, we can conduct microbiology training courses tailored to your individual needs, such as detailed training in specialist microbiology.

Each course is specifically designed to be suitable for personnel who have little or no previous experience in microbiology, including Quality Assurance personnel, Laboratory operators and technicians, Supervisors, Managers and others.

Please send us your enquiries if you would like to know more about our training program that we covered.


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