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NOVAPLEX Diaphragm Pump Heads System


Novaplex - Flexible high performance

Novaplex pumps are powerful diaphragm process pumps for a variety of applications. They are best suited for critical high pressure installations. Additionally, they can be used when the capability of classical metering pumps is exceeded.

Utilization of Bran+Luebbe metering pump technology allows the process pumps to be used even as metering pumps for high flow rate and pressure.


Novaplex pumps are ideal for toxic or chemically aggrasives liquids, and for slurries/ suspensions with particle sizes up to 100um. Typical industrial fields are the chemical and petrochemical industry, the Oil&Gas industry, the pharmaceutical industry and also the food industry.

Features of the pump

  • Double diaphragm pump heads with positive diaphragm position control.
  • Double diaphragm pump heads with built-in pressure relief valve.
  • Crank gears with integrated lubrication systems.
  • Crank gear bearings executed as anti friction bearings.
  • Modular concept.


  • Excellent Emission Control
  • High Reliablity
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Minimized Life Cycle Cost
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