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CENTRISOL Dispersing System


CENTRISOL Dispersing System

Dispersing of solids in liquids

In many production processes incorporation of solids into liquids is required, in order to produce suspensions or solutions of a precise percentage. Generall incorporation is done by batch. The patented CENTRISOL dispersing system enables continous dispersion of solids into liquids and achieve optimum mixing of the components.

Areas of application

Dispersing of solids that

  • increase the product consistency
  • tend to build into clumps
  • tend to create foam
  • are difficult to wet out.
  • are damaging to health
  • are sensitive to oxidation


  • Food industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Detergent industry
  • Chemical industry


  1. No air/gas intake
  2. No clump building
  3. No foaming
  4. No floating on liquid surface
  5. Dust free solids incorporation
  6. Mass proportional dispersing
  7. Increasing product quality.
  8. Reduced production time
  9. Just in time production
  10. Raw material saving.
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