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ProCam Diaphragm Metering Pumps Economical and Reliable


ProCam Diaphragm Metering Pumps Economical and Reliable

These pumps with mechanically actuated dualdiaphragm bring the advantages and security of the diaphragm design to applications with operating pressure up to 20 ba and flow rates up to 3.000 l/h at an economical price.


  • Protecting the metered liquid against contamination from pump gasket particles and lubricants, e.g. for drinking water handling and treatment.
  • Pumping dangerous liquids, where a leakproof pump is essential.
  • An economical solution to applications requiring high operating security and reliability


  • Excellent operating security
    • Novel double-diaphragm design - A multi layer laminated
      construction gives the PTFE diaphragm the characteristics of an isotopic material and correspondingly longer life.
    • Hermetically sealed pump head - The special sualities of the diaphragm material allow high compression in the diaphragm sealing area, which is essential to avoid leaks.
    • Diaphragm condition monitoring signals broken diaphragm. Correct operation is ensured until the diaphragm is changed.
  • No contamination of the metered liquid
    • Mechanical actuation of the double -diaphragm prevents the pumped liqued from contamination with oil, even when the diapragm is damaged.
  • Economical pumping for dangerous liquids
    • The excellent chemical resistance of the high -grade PTFE double-diaphragm allows critical chemicals to be pumped safety at low pressures.Two years warrenty on the diaphragm.
  • Precise gear technology
    • High reroducibility for delivery olume, thanks to linear stroke length adjustment with very high setting accuracy.
  • Gear Type 1550,100,200 and 500
    • Proven cam and sring for long operating life.
  • Gear Type 850 and 3000
    • The harmonic eccentric crankshaft with integrated worm drie results in low noise and high efficiency.
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