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ProCam Compact Metering Station


ProCam Compact Metering Station

This compact mixing and preparation unit, in combination with a ProCam pump, offers a practical complete solution for preparing complete solution for preparing and metering chemical solutions.


  • Make-up and metering of chemical solutions
  • Water preparation and treatment plants.
  • Preparing,cleaning and disinfecting solutions for Clean-In-Place installations in the food and drink industries.
  • Metering additives and inhibitors.Electroplating and surface treatment processes
  • Preparing fertilizer solutions

Adaptable to individual requirements

  • Vessel sizes from 60 to 500 litres or on request.
  • Standard equipment includes suction pipe,inlet valve, manual stirrer and stable mounting plate for pumps.Vessel is calibrated in litres and can be fitted with 1 or 2 contact level switches.
  • Cover is easily removed for quick filling and inspection.

Solid construction

  • A base plate for pump weghing up to 50 kg provides a stable platform for thepump.
  • Temperature range up to 60° C
  • Vessels are UV-resistant and can be used outdoors.
  • The polyethylene vessel is resistant to most aggrassive metered liquids.
  • Opional brackets are available to fix the container to the floor.


  • Electric stirrer
  • Optional choice of 1 or 2 contact level switches is available.
  • Pressure limting valve with bypass to vessel can be fitted, to pump discharge protect against over-ressurization.
  • Drain valve availabe.


The standard specification,including suction pipe, inlet valve hand operated stirrer and pump base plate,allows the ProCam to becomeoperational at a glance in most installations. The level switches, pressure limiting valve and other options extend its applications to more demanding requirements and extend its operational security.

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