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QuickChangeTM Separators

Non-Vibrating QuickChange
Screen changes have never been easier or faster than with the operator-friendly QuickChange NV Separator from SWECO. QuickChange NV reduces screen changing to a one-man operation, greatly reducing the necessary labor and eliminating the need to involve maintenance crews, reducing the time needed to change screens by up to 75%. This non-vibrating design utilizes a set of closed loop hydraulic lifters, which are mounted off the base of the unit or to the plant floor.

Mobile QuickChange
Mobile QuickChange Separator ScreenerThe latest QuickChange innovation comes in the form of the Mobile QuickChange. The Mobile QC has all of the advantages of the standard QuickChange NV with the added benefit of being "mobile". This time-saving device would be a welcome addition to any plant with multiple round separator machines. Simply "wheel" the devices from SWECO Separator to SWECO Separator to change your screens.

Pneumatic Lift QuickChange

QuickChange Pneumatic Lift Separator ScreenerAnother option is the Pneumatic Lift QuickChange. This system incorporates patented pneumatic frame elevators into the design. With a simple removal of SWECO's standard clamp band, changes can be made quickly, significantly reducing downtime and greatly increasing productivity.

QuickChange NV, Mobile QC and the original QuickChange. SWECO innovations that separates us from the rest.

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