Mixers & Agitators for Fluid Mixing


LVS Series


LVSES Series Side Mixers

Lightnin LVSES series mixers for blending and prevention of solids build-up. High-efficiency LVSES mixers are ideal for a variety of chemical processing, edible oil, petrochemical processing and oil & gas applications.

  • A choice of V-belt and tooth belts to accommodate metric and NEMA frame motors.
  • A choice of four sizes optimized for the range of 2.2 to 55 kW.
  • Fast and easy seal change to reduce downtime and simplify maintenance. Unlike competitive design, there is no need to loosen the motor support or remove belts, drive pulley and bearings to provide unmatched L10 life exceeding 100,000 hours.
  • One-piece cantilever-design output shaft to minimize run out to increase seal life. there are no intank bearings or sleeves to add to maintenace.
  • Standard stainless steel mating faces to eliminate corrosion. Vent valve/check is includedto test the shut-off.
  • Product lubricated single mechanical seals. Also available are barrier fluid lubricated double mechanical seals for containment of health or environmentally hazardous fluids.
  • The exclusive A312 high efficiency impeller.
  • LIGTHNIN's 100% performance guarantee.
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