Mixers & Agitators for Fluid Mixing


500 / 600 Series- Medium Top Entering Mixer


500 and 600 Series Mixers for both open and closed tanks

Lightnin 500/600 series mixers are designed to provide rugged, dependable service and economy in wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical fermentation and large-scale chemical processing to minerals processing and heavy sludge waste treatment.


  • A simple design with fewer parts for minimum maintenance
  • Mechanical seal options cover a wide range of pressure and temperature requirements for wet- and dry-running applications. All are interchangeable for easy upgrade.
  • Integral open-tank mounting base is bolted directly to the mounting surface - no separate mounting plate needed
  • Horsepowers from 1 to 125 and speeds from 23 to 190 rpm.


Choose from three models:


  • Series 500-Q: for open tank installations
  • Series 500-S: for mechanical seal applications
  • Series 600-S: for mechanical seal applications. Seals can be changed without removing the gear drive.
  • Non-contacting gas seals available with Series 500 and 600 Mixers
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