Mixers & Agitators for Fluid Mixing


L Series Mixers


L Series Mixers for both open and closed tanks

LIGHTNIN L series mixers are ideally suited for a variety of applications from high flow to high shear and for batch or continuous processes, where the mounting provides:

  • long shaft and installation stability.
  • A size range from 0.25 to 4.0 kW

A Variety Of Models Are Available:

  • LP open tank with clamp or cup plate mounting.
  • LQ open tank, with plate mounting.
  • LL closed tank with stuffing box seal.
  • LS closed tank with stuffing box seal.
  • LS closed tank with mechanical seal.
  • LCS & LSS side entry versions.

L & H Series Features include:

  • A metric frame motor, IP55 class F insulation, as standard or to your own specification.
  • Modular design to give easy conversation from open tank to mechanical seal or stuffing box models. Not applicable for LP model.
  • Maintenance seals provide protection against lubricant leakage.
  • Vibration dampening. Flexible anti-vibration mounts protect the drive against high fluid forces,prolonging mixer life.
  • Internal helical gears for long life , quiet and efficient operation.
  • A rigid coupling to provide stability for long shaft. Not applicable for LP model.
  • 1725RPM (60Hz) or 1450 RPM(50Hz) direct drive units are designed for small batch mixing plus high fluid shear applications. Not applicable for LP model.
  • For LP model - A rugged aluminium clamp. Alternative mounting options are available to suit specific requirements. A unique positioning and indexing system, where by the optimum mixing position can be located and repeated.
  • The exclusive A310 high efficiency impeller.
  • LIGHTNIN's 100% performance guarantee.
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