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4411e Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter


4411e Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitter

The UniMag series of magnetic flowmeters consists of a UniMag flow sensor and a 4411e transmitter.

The 4411e uses an innovative and patented Pulsed Hybrid method of coil excitation to create an ultra stable flow signal having a signal to media noise ratio up to 50 times higher than other magmeter technologies. As a result, the 4411e offers a clean and powerful bidirectional signal with unsurpassed fast response and the highest insensitivity to media noise from slurries, low conductivity media, pulps, greasy sewage, paper mill liquors and similar.

The 4411e is a most versatile and advanced magmeter transmitter. It features a user friendly keypad for programming, a 10-year memory, batch control, RS232 interfacing, two x 4 – 20mA outputs and a scalable pulse frequency output.

There are two x 4 - 20mA inputs with 2 – wire capability. One may be used as a level input for use with ChannelMag open channel and other partially filled flowmeter.

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