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UV400 Multi-parameter Analyzer


UV400 Multi-parameter Analyzer

The UV400 Multi-parameter Analyzer offers the possibility to measure by UV spectroscopy several parameters such as Organic Matters, Nitrates, Ammonia, Hydrocarbons, H2S, Chlorophyll A & Rhodamine. This method is well-known for its unparalleled reliability and good stability with an extremely low operation cost.

In order to complete its offer, this analyzer integrate in the same time the Phosphate Analysis by Colorimetry, the Trubidity by IR Nephelometry & external probes for Conductivity, pH & Dissolved Oxygen measurements.


• UV254 (COD) • Phosphate
• Nitrate • Turbidity
• Ammonia • Conductivity
• Hydrocarbons • pH/ ORP
• H2S • Dissolved Oxygen
• Chlorophyll A • Color
• Rhodamine  
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