On-line Instrumentation for Water, Wastewater & High Purity Water

Potable Water

Monitor AMI ISE Universal (Ammonium)



Monitor AMI ISE Universal

Monitor for continuous measurement of Ammonium, Nitrate or Fluoride in potable water.


Complete system mounted on PVC panel:

  • Transmitter AMI ISE Universal in a rugged aluminum enclosure (IP 66).
  • Flow cell M-Flow 10-3PG with temperature sensor (NT5k).
  • Factory tested and calibrated. Ready for installation and operation.

    For use with ion sensitive electrodes with separate reference elctrode:

  • Swansensor Ammonium or Swansensor Nitrate or Swanssensor Fluoride
  • Swansensor Reference FL


Optional accessory:

  • Swansensor deltaT flow meter
  • Spray nozzle for sensor cleaning
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