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  • Buoy& Floating Platforms, Profiling Systems, EcoMapper AUV

3100/ 3200 Conductivity Instrument

3200 Conductivity Instrument


This microprocessor-based instrument offers linear and nonlinear temperature compensation options as well as data storage and logging capability. The YSI 3200 uses a line of conductivity cells with built-in temperature sensors, assuring the most accurate measurements. The line includes an easy-to-fill cell.

  • Highly accurate Resistance Ratio Technology provides unmatched accuracy for ultrapure water
  • Measures conductivity, conductance, resistivity, resistance, salinity, temperature, and total dissolved solids
  • Multipoint calibration lets you measure a variety of samples with the same cell
  • High and low alarms for process applications
  • Linear and nonlinear temperature compensation options
  • Data storage and logging

NIST-Traceable Conductivity Cells
YSI manufactures standard conductivity cells traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce (NIST). YSI conductivity cells come in three styles - fill, dip and flow-through. The cells for the YSI conductivity instruments have built-in temperature sensors.

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