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Digital Controllers

SC1000 Multi-Parameter Universal Controller


A fully modular system consisting of a display module and one or more probe modules.

More Confidence in Your Instrument’s Performance

Available exclusively on the SC1000 controller, Prognosys predictive diagnostics uses patented multi variable diagnostic software to read multiple inputs from your instrument and alert you to the instrument’s overall performance. An easy-to read dashboard provides instant indication of measurement reliability and service requirements.

Plug and Play Operation

There’s no complicated wiring or set up procedures with the SC1000 controller. Plug any Hach digital sensor into a Probe Module and it’s ready for use. No special ordering or software configuration is needed.

Communication Options to Fit Any Application Need

The SC1000 controller features state-of-the art Modbus TCP/IP communications protocol for seamless integration into a network of devices that support TCP/IP sockets. Use a standard Ethernet cable or connect wirelessly using GSM/ GPRS to communicate with your SCADA, PLC or other network. The SC1000 also offers up to 12 analog outputs for measured values and up to 12 analog or digital values from non-digital sensors.

Expandable and Upgradable

The SC1000 controller can adapt to your needs. Add or change probes without having to change the controller. Plus, with a single Display Module, additional Probe Modules and associated sensors can be added or removed depending on operational needs. Fully upgradable software ensures that this system will not be obsolete. Hach service plans are available.

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