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Model C33 Two-sensor Input Conductivity Analyzer


Model C33
Two-sensor Input Conductivity Analyzer

GLI's Model C33 Contacting Conductivity Analyzer has two sensor inputs which can be independently configured to measure conductivity, resistivity or total dissolved solids. The C33 accepts the Model 3400-series Enhanced Performance Conductivity Sensors and others. One appealing C33 feature is GLI's "Dry Calibration" method which provides ultimate accuracy across the conductivity ranges of ultra-pure water to 200,000 microSiemens. The analyzer has a large backlit graphic LCD to display, two analog outputs and four alarms. Powerful firmware enables multi-language operation: English, French, German or Spanish.

Each isolated analog output is selectable as either 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, and voltage. Bright LEDs are used to indicate relay status, and can be easily seen from a distance. The C33 is housed in plastic case that features a NEMA 4X front panel. The C33 also exceeds U.S. and European standards for EMI and RFI.

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