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pH Electrodes

pH Electrodes



• Designed for use in typical laboratory applications

• Single-junction electrodes with Ag/AgCl reference system

• Integrated temperature sensor option

• Durable electrodes with gel electrolyte for general use; liquid electrolyte sensors for more critical measurements

• Electrodes with special membranes for unique applications

• BNC connector; compatible with any pH meter that has a BNC input



• Designed for use in Tris Buffer and protein solutions - unique iodine/iodide reference system prevents clogging of the junction

• Reference system and the platinum junction provide excellent stability, fast response times, and high accuracy

• Triple junction design increases measurement security

• Available in a micro version for small sample sizes

• Useful in nearly any application and at a wide-range of temperatures

• BNC connector; compatible with any pH meter that has a BNC input



• Designed for use in unique applications that require a particular junction

• Features the Silamid reference system, a unique construction of the Ag/AgCl reference system resulting in a more stable and longer lasting electrode with a fast response

• Double-junction reference and integrated temperature sensor

• Ground-joint junction with a fast electrolyte outflow is specifically designed for samples high in solids or with low ionic strength

• Platinum junction for applications that do not require a rate of electrolyte outflow as fast as the ground-joint

• BNC connector; compatible with any pH meter that has a BNC input

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