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DE-7200™ VFD™


The DE-7200 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) centrifuge offers the high flexibility in system control, permitting it to handle a wide range of feed slurries. Its automatic startup and shutdown routines permit safe, consistent, unattended operation. Automatic load sensing and feed pump control facilitate automated performance optimization. The bowl can be operated at up to 3000 RPM, resulting in centrifugal acceleration of 2750 G’s. To accommodate low levels of agitation and rapid solids removal, the conveyor can operate at differential speeds ranging from 1 to 70 RPM. The DE-7200 drive system consists of two explosion-proof inverter-duty motors. A 150 HP motor drives the bowl, and a 60 HP motor operates the conveyor.

Motors are powered by Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) AC drives having Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) outputs. Each motor drive and peripherals are controlled by an environmentally hardened PLC, which offers operating flexibility, short-term data storage and display of critical parameters, and remote monitoring and control of the centrifuge from up to thousands of miles away.

The PLC fully controls the feed pump in either automatic or manual operation. Under automatic control, primarily designed for Barite Recovery, centrifuge throughput is maximized. Safety and efficiency are enhanced by automatically increasing feed pump delivery to the centrifuge until the input torque limit is reached by either the bowl or conveyor drive motor. If feed slurry properties change, the pump feed is automatically re-adjusted to remain within the torque limit. Continuously-run diagnostics provide the operator with critical status information including main bearing temperatures, vibration, and cabinet interior temperature. Advisory messages reveal bowl, conveyor, and pump speeds. And detailed alarm and fault messages facilitate resolution of malfunctions and rapid system recovery.

    DE-7200 Control Cabinet

  • Bowl speeds up to 3000 RPM
  • Internal acceleration of 2750 G’s
  • Compact portable unit
  • Remote monitoring
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