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DE-1000 GBD Centrifuge


The DE-1000 Gearbox Drive (GBD) centrifuge operates at bowl speeds up to 4000 RPM and is driven by a 50 HP electric motor connected by a drive belt to a gearbox through a fluid coupling. A spring-loaded torque-out assembly with manual reset protects the gearbox and motor in case of overload. A drive belt transfers motion from the gearbox to the bowl assembly. Control is provided by starters installed within explosion-proof boxes. The start/stop buttons and manual switches are within easy reach of the operator. The GBD centrifuge is designed for minimal maintenance. It includes the same stainless steel bowl as the FHD and VFD centrifuges.

  • Bowl speeds up to 4000 RPM
  • Spring loaded reset torque-out assembly
  • G-force: Up to 3182
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