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DE-1000™ VFD™


The DE-1000 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) centrifuge offers maximum flexibility in system control, ability to handle a wide range of feed slurries, and suitability for use in Class I, Division 1, Group D areas. A windows-based PC monitors and controls operation of the bowl and conveyor drive motors, as well as the feed pump. The control system is capable of both local and remote control. A user-friendly graphical interface provides the operator with current system status information, as well as concise operating screens. The PC provides the operator with critical machine status information. Electronic load sensing and feed pump control permit automatic optimization of feed rate, bowl speed, and differential conveyor speed. Direct readouts of RPM and torque are provided for the bowl and conveyor drive motors, and a GPM indication is provided for the feed pump. Bowl speed is variable from 0 to 3600 RPM for an internal acceleration of more than 2500 G's, and conveyor speed is variable from 1 to 100 RPM. Its stainless steel bowl and hardened conveyor tiles ensure that the VFD centrifuge requires minimal maintenance.

    Optional Control Cabinet

  • Bowl speed from 0 to 3600 RPM
  • Handles a wide range of feed slurries
  • Windows-based PC control system
  • Internal acceleration exceeds 2500 G's
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