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The patented Derrick Belt Scalper utilizes a variable speed conveyor screen belt to transport solids off the machine without vibration. This enables precise control over solids conveyance speed as loading or pump rates increase. As solids loading increases, the variable speed motor allows the speed of the belt to be increased and additional fluid to be processed. The uphill pitch on the conveyor bed allows a fluid pool to form at the end of the belt scalper. The result is increased hydrostatic head which enables high flow rates to be easily processed. The Belt Scalper is intended to increase solids recovery from industrial and wastewater processes flows and reduce wastewater treatment costs.

  • The model 28 is powered by a rugged 1.5 hp (1.1 kw) drive motor, 5 hp (3.7 kw) on the Model 52, for superior performance and durability
  • A variable speed conveyor system transports solids off the machine without vibration
  • The long-life inclined synthetic conveyor belt is available in 5mesh (4.0 mm), 10 mesh (2.0 mm), 20 mesh (850 micron) and 30 mesh (600 micron)
  • Eight inspection/access doors, two located on each side, two on the back of the machine and two on the front discharge cover, allow for easy clean out and simplified belt replacement
  • Counter rotating brush effectively cleans the belt without adding any water to the system
  • Built-in bypass
  • Food Industry
  • Potato Processing
  • River and Harbor Dredging
  • Soil Reclamation
  • Sugar Beet Processing
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