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High Shear Screen


The Derrick High Shear screen was developed to address the needs of the clay industry for consistent removal of grit particles in order to maintain strict quality standards. With conventional screening equipment, flat, platy minerals such as mica tend to bridge screen openings and reduce machine capacity. The High Shear screen, with its steep angle of inclination, eliminates this problem and efficiently removes platy minerals from clay slurries, even with screen openings as fine as 38 microns (400 mesh). Single and double feed point configurations are available, as well as an optional spray misting system.

  • Provides high capacities at fine cut points (270 to 400 mesh)
  • Consistent removal of grit particles (+325) to less than 1% by weight
  • 45 degree screen panel angle conveys light, plate-like particles and keeps screen panels from bridging
  • Optional spray mist system available
  • Single and double feed point figurations avaialble
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