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HI-G® Dryer


The Derrick HI-G® Dryer is powered by two 2.5 HP electromechanical Super G vibrating motors operating at 1,750 RPM with a stroke length of 0.19 inches. The combinations of stroke length and rotation speed create 7.3 G’s of acceleration on the screen surface, resulting in efficient separation of water from the fine solids. The Super G motors feature permanently lubricated, sealed bearings and are designed for maintenance-free operation. Super G motors offer low noise levels resulting in a significantly reduced decibel level during operation, approximately 81 dBA.

The 4” hydrocyclones are mounted on a radial design manifold. Derrick round desilters are designed to efficiently remove silt sized solids (12-74 microns) from plant discharge slurries. Derrick hydrocyclones are available with ceramic inserts for extreme duty. Shut-off valves on each cone inlet permit individual cone removal and inspection without interrupting operation of the desilter. The apex is available in two styles: an adjustable tri-nut or fixed snap-on.

Fast, easy, and reliable screen panel tensioning is provided by two pairs of Rapid-Change draw bolts on each side of each screen panel. Its hydraulic, adjustable while drilling (AWD) is designed for quick, easy deck adjustment and operates from -1° to +5°.

  • High G-force Linear Motion Machine
  • Super G Vibrating Motors
  • Radial Design Cluster of 4" Uni-body Hydrocyclones
  • Hydraulic Deck Angle Adjustment
  • Rapid Change Bolt Tensioning
  • Long Lasting Urethane Screen Panels

4" Cone Exploded View

             20 Cone Round Desilter Manifold

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