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Single Stage Pump for Negative Suction Head- Model KGE


The Johnson model KGE single stage pump is a traditional self-priming pump that has been designed for Johnson since the beginning. It has a radial (semi open or closed impeller, over hung mounted on a pedestal. For easy dismantling of the pump the inlets and outlet pipes should be installed with a spacer. The drive can be clockwise or anticlockwise. This pump can be used for rugged service to move water, oils, draining buildings during excavations, extraction of water in ships, waste water, and condensate extraction. The max capacity is 100m3/hr and pressure 8 bar. Maximum water temperature is 95°C.

Suitable for

Clean and polluted liquids that are non-corrosive to cast iron, including water, oils, petrol and all kind of chemicals.

Draining building excavations, emptying ponds, ditches and swimming pools, water extraction for irrigation and watering, aboard ships as bilge, deck wash and general service pumps.

Emptying pits and throughs containing wastewater, handling fuels, condensate extraction pumps. 

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