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CombiMag Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump


Centrifugal pumps are driven by a motor through a shaft which have to penetrate into the pump chamber. In order to keep the products inside, a seal is needed. This seal often wears off and the product leaks. This is problematic if the product leaked is poisonous or is flammable. Arasains Indonesia supplies the Johnson CombiMag, a centrifugal pump driven by a magnetic coupling. This makes the pump 100% leak free with a long life cycle and reduced maintenance cost. This pump uses the Johnson famous high efficiency impeller. It is suitable for slightly contminated liquids without abrasive or magnetic particles. Maintenance is easy with back pull out principle. Magnets used are Samarium Cobalt high performance magnets. The containment can is made of Hastelloy for limited eddy current losses. Heating jackets can be supplied. Lubrication can be specified for oil or grease. Temperature monitoring with PT 100 are available. The pump impeller has liquid lubricated silicon carbide internal bearings with hardened wear plate.

Heavy duty seal-less closed coupled magnetic drive horizontal centrifugal pump to ISO 5199 and ISO 2858 /EN 22858

  • 100% leak free
  • Long life cycle, reduced maintenance costs
  • Flanges according to ISO 7005 PN 16
  • For stainless steel execution ISO 7005 PN20 / 150 lbs ANSI B 16.5 available
  • Outstanding hydraulic performance
  • High efficiency impeller
  • Closed impeller with back vanes providing axial balancing of impeller loads
  • Half open impeller with wear plate
  • Easy maintenance through the Back-Pull-Out principle
  • Standard IEC flange motor
  • Atex certification
  • Outer rotor with safety bearing
  • Samarium Cobalt high performance magnets
  • Containment can in Hastelloy® for limited eddy current losses
  • Silicon carbide pump liquid lubricated internal bearings
  • Heating jackets optional
  • PT 100 temperature monitoring
  • Interchangeable with existing ISO 2858 pumps

Suitable for

Clean liquids, slightly contaminated liquids without abrasive or magnetic impurities


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