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CombiBloc Centrifugal Pump


This is a single stage closed coupled centrifugal pump produced to EN733 (DIN 24255). This pump is compact economical and has a small footprint. No shaft alignment is required and has outstanding hydraulic performance. The impeller is supplied with a high efficiency closed impeller with back vanes giving axial balancing of impeller loads. Maintenance is easy with low maintainance. Installation is easy without a baseplate. ATEX certification is available and vertical arrangement is possible. The standard seal is mechanical according to EN12756 (DIN 24690). This pump is suitable for clean, fluids with low viscosity or slightly contaminated fluids. The casing is cast iron, bronze or stainless steel. The impeller is cast iron, bronze or stainless. The max capacity is 850m3/hr at 10 bar.

Close-coupled horizontal centrifugal pump to EN 733 (DIN 24255)
  • Compact, economic, space saving construction
  • No shaft alignment required
  • Outstanding hydraulic performance
  • High efficiency impeller
  • Closed impeller with back vanes providing axial balancing of impeller loads
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to install without heavy foundation
  • Atex certification
  • Vertical arrangement as an option
  • Standard mechanical shaft seal EN 12756 (DIN 24690)

Suitable for: Low viscosity, clean or slightly contaminated and aggressive liquids

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