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PHD™ Differential pH and ORP Sensors


PHD™ Differential pH and ORP Sensors

"The Smart Choice for pH Measurement"

GLI's pHD Differential pH and ORP sensors are available in PEEK or Ryton to provide a wide range of chemical resistance.The replaceable salt bridge holds a large supply of buffer, for extended sensor life, and is easily field replaceable.

The pHD is designed for versatility. The one-inch convertible body fits in a standard tee, or can be pipe mounted for immersion.

These encapsulated sensors, using GLI's Differential Electrode Measurement Technique, are ideal for virtually every application. Full encapsulation eliminates moisture problems. This field-proven design provides unparalleled accuracy and long life.

  • Full range accuracy (0 - 14 pH or ±2000 mV ORP)
  • Integral solution ground electrode
  • Replaceable salt bridge (reconditions reference cell)
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Wide variety of mounting hardware available
  • Universal mounting
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